FW: StreetGames Network – Commonwealth Games Ticket Offer

This is your StreetGames project’s chance to go to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games! 

As part of StreetGames #Inspiration2022 campaign, we are aiming to give more than 500 young people the opportunity to attend an event at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. StreetGames is providing the tickets to these events free of charge to projects that are part of the StreetGames Network. (NB. projects will have to fund and organise their own travel to the Games). Please register your interest for tickets here: https://forms.office.com/r/AqfRX3am6Q    

Tickets are available for a number of different sports, at various venues on a number of different dates/times. All we ask is that you share with us any photos, quotes from the young people from the day so we can see how they have benefitted and been inspired by their trip! 

Tickets will be given on a first come first serve basis, limited to 25 per organisation but please note that an expression of interest does not guarantee you tickets. Our team will work hard to try and give you a response within two working days. 

Ticket availability will be updated daily so please keep checking back for more information!


Further link to registration: forms.office.com

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