going forward
going forward

Riverside’s Repair Cafe

Tuesday 20th July

The first Riverside repair cafe took place on Tuesday at the Wyndham St Diner.

Dave Hann from http://www.motorlegs.com/ was on hand giving out repairs and advice to cyclists.

Riverside’s first Repair Cafe

A number of items were brought in for review and repair.

Several power tools were given new lease of life. A mobile phone was brought in needing a new digitiser. A TV, that needed a new driver board, unfortunately that was uneconomic to repair. A laptop was brought back to life. And a set of stereo headphones was revamped.

Opehlia https://www.opheliadossantos.com/ was on hand to show how to recycle or rework clothing.

Several items were donated, after repair, to Benthyg https://borrow.benthyg.org/ where you can borrow a whole host of things.

On hand was support from https://repaircafewales.org/ – then next event in Riverside takes place on 21st September in Brunel St.

Grant would like to thank all those ‘fixers’ who gave their time and expertise.

If you can help out with repairing or would like to know more contact Grant via email at: