Young Children & Parents Project (YCPP)

Young children and Parents’ Project

The Young children and Parents’ Project provides good quality, affordable, accessible and reliable childcare. The service we provide offers the children a wide choice of play opportunities from a variety of stimulating indoor and outdoor activities such as sand, playdough other messy play activities, puzzles, construction toys, colouring,  and arts & crafts. The children can enjoy stories, playing musical instruments, dancing and singing. The toys are age appropriate and at the regulated standards for babies and children 5 and under.


Our aim is to provide a culturally sensitive environment for all children where they are cared for and given many play opportunities and activities that meet their educational and holistic developmental needs.

At the South Riverside Community Development Centre we welcome children aged from 3 months up to 5 years for our preschool programmes, where we provide a safe and caring environment, celebrating diversity and valuing each child. Children with special needs are welcomed and are encouraged to play with their peers. Our crèche facilities can accommodate up to 16 preschool children


The YCPP has a team of culturally diverse staff are all trained to national qualification standards level 3 to 5 in both Childcare, Teaching Assistant and Playwork. The YCPP provides continual professional development in order to keep their staff up to date with any new ideas and initiatives in the sector.


The project also provides a variety of Holiday activates (during half term) for children and young people aged 8 to 14 years old. Some of the activities we provide includes cooking, jewellery making, sewing and revamping clothes, and photography.





Jackie James