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going forward

Spaces for Hire

More Details on Warehouse Hall

Hall (max 20 people) – £33.00 per hour

More details on the Education Suite

Education Suite (max 6 people)
                  £14.00 per hour

IT Suite with interactive white board & 10 computers (max 6 people)

                                £16.50 per hour

More details on IT Suite
More details on Brunel St Hall

Hall – £16.50 per hour (max 12 people)

SRCDC can provide: Projectors; screens; interactive displays; pcs; tablets; urns; cooking utensils; crockery; soup urn; hot water urn; mats; sports equipment; tables; seating; balls; play equipment; arts materials; extension leads; mics; pa; speakers; etc

Room Hire


Wyndham St Centre
Brunel St
Riverside Warehouse