Aims and Values

South Riverside Community Development Centre’s Aims and Values


SRCDC is a registered charity with a Memorandum of Association, established for the purpose of benefiting the communities in the Riverside, Canton and Grangetown areas.


SRCDC aims to:

  1. advance the education of the public in matters related to mental, physical, cultural, and social welfare;
  2. relieve poverty.


Strategic Aims

Our strategic aims – the interrelated means by which we will achieve our mission – are:

  • to foster the empowerment of individuals and groups through providing information, facilitating involvement in issues that affect their lives through supporting community organisation and developing skills; and acting as an independent, representative voice for the community;
  • to ensure access to services, facilities, and opportunities necessary for social and economic development, health and well-being;
  • to develop strong cross-cultural relationships which recognise, value, and celebrate the multicultural makeup of our community. We aim to achieve this by supporting cultural activities within each community, encouraging sharing between cultures and promoting understanding and acceptance, which will benefit our diverse communities.


The Centre operates with the following values and processes to promote:


Social Justice

Enabling people to claim their human rights meet their needs and have greater control over the decision-making processes which affect their lives;



Facilitating democratic involvement by people in the issues, which affect their lives, based on full citizenship, autonomy, and shared power, skills, knowledge and experience.



Challenge the attitudes of individuals, and the practices of institutions and society, that discriminate against and marginalise people;



Recognise the skills, knowledge and expertise that people contribute and develop by taking action to tackle social, economic, political and environmental issues.



Work together to identify and implement action, based on mutual respect of diverse cultures and contributions.