Greening Riverside – Growing Together

South Riverside Community Development Centre has been awarded a grant to enable the greening of Riverside. The Project has become Growing Together.

Louise Gray will be managing this project from 2nd January.

Louise Gray Project Manager

This project is funded by Welsh Government’s Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme, administered by WCVA.

The Greening Riverside project, a two year project – will employ a worker to galvanise and support local people in helping to make Riverside a greener place.

Watch out for new plants and planters coming to this area soon.

A ‘Wild Flower Meadow’ for South Riverside: The project aims to enhance the potential for bio-diverse habitats in the garden spaces within the South Riverside area of Cardiff. This will be done by creating a 0.06 of an acre ‘Wild Flower Meadow’; made up of 1 square metre plots dispersed across the frontages of 2,500 dwellings.

  • Five – ten year programme
  • Extend the domestic sense of pride that exists in most households
  • Explore and deliver creative solutions
  • Promote and catalyse a sense of individual, collective and civic pride
  • Embrace the cultural diversity and the inherent cultural knowledge

Engaging with 200 primary school children, and families, in the area and equipping them with project plans and project membership forms which will be exchanged for packets of seeds when families sign up for the project.

Create eco superhighways in and out of the city.

Encourage biodiversity by planting native pollinators.

Raise awareness in the younger population of urban fauna and flora and the need for biodiversity

Volunteers will increase knowledge of planting/growing/ biodiversity and skills associated with growing plants and vegetables.

Create a sense of pride in the local area.

Measure: ~

1 Number of planters in use
2 Number of hanging baskets provided and used
3 Number of front gardens improved
4 Number of unused or derelict patches of land brought back into use
5 Attempt to count yield of edible plants produced
6 Number of growing advisors enlisted
7 Number of volunteers

Map eco super highway.