going forward
going forward


… the music of the world coming out of Riverside …

… a world of music …

On the 24th February from the tropical West African country – Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau flag 24 Sep 1973

Musicians, Singers & Dancers – will give a presentation of their art.

There will feature a performance of the Kora by Lassana Susso.

The Kora made from a Calabash fruit – see images below.

There will be delicious food to try out.

By Entry £5 on the door.

At the Riverside Warehouse time to be announced.

South Riverside Community Development Centre

This page will contain cultural and art activities coming up in Riverside, Canton and Grangetown.

Some of the beautiful instruments that will be used on 24th Feb at the Riverside Warehouse.

Nick and Lassana Susso holding Koras
Lassana Susso holding a Kora it is a Lute like instrument with many strings