Internation Women’s Day 8th March 2023

Oh what a day with these amazing, inspirational women !

Even the snow couldn’t stop us taking over the Principality Stadium.

We had a warm welcome from the WRU and the Hospitality Team were great support.

We started the day by hearing from Babita KC and her journey to working with the WRU. Clearly she is passionate about working with girls and women.

She was followed by Manogna, who spoke about coming from a very traditional Indian family background and as a woman not being allowed the freedom that men had in India, but since she has started engaging with SRCDC, things are very different. She attends classes and has started a placement with the IT team at SRCDC and enhancing our website and social media.

Then Kiran came to tell us about her dream job and her journey into child care.

Firuja came to tell us of how she went from not being able to cycle at all to leading black women through the cycle paths of Cardiff.

She was followed by Donna Ali from Bxcellent who shared her background and her inspiring story. She clearly is a great role model for black women.

Moumita told us of her wonderful journey from Calcutta to Riverside and how she will soon be training to be a walk leader in the big outdoors.

Letitia from TAFF spoke about her experiences and challenges and how she overcame many barriers.

We were joined just before lunch by Michelle who Coordinates the Lets Interpret Group and told us how Lets Interpret was founded following a strength based, co-productive approach to working with women from the community who have linguistic strengths.

Over lunch we were entertained by the wonderful women of Sudan, Mona, Elham and Shiraz.

Leila from Partneriaeth Awyr Agored  came to talk to us about the opportunities for black and ethnic minority women to take part in activities outdoors to enhance their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Islah inspired us with her journey at beginning of the Believe Project where she had never before been to Pedal Power to cycling around Bute Park, being part of Lets Interpret and their support network throughout the Pandemic, becoming a Trainer of Trainers for Cwmpas and now delivering Digital Literacy & Maths classes in the community.

Zahra came to tell us about how FAN, Friends and Neighbours has been a lifeline for her after the loss of her husband and her horrendous experiences of political abuse.

We also had a few impromptu speakers who added value to our day.

Throughout the day we were also pampered with Henna and a great prize draw.

I reflected that I am very lucky to work with all of you every day and your motivation to learn and change your circumstances, you are truly Inspirational.