Cycling Lessons

The Believe/ Credu Project have been working in partnership with Cycle Wales and Pedal Power to provide one to one cycle lessons to 12  women from the Riverside, Grangetown and Canton  community to help them with transport and work prospects. In order to encourage this our local Cycle Workshop MOTORLEGS have very kindly donated a free bike.

The Group have been learning to cycle every Monday since November around Bute Park enjoying fresh air, exercise and quality time with other women which has improved their confidence and wellbeing in order to look at future aspirations.

Hilary from Cycle Wales came especially to our Information Day to pick out the name of the winner Fahima Islam. Fahima is really pleased with her new bike and is now looking forward to being able to practice more regularly.


Thank you all for your support.            

Hilary picks a lucky winner
Fahima picks up her bike from Dave of Motorlegs Cycle Workshop