The living exhibit visited Merthyr

The Clinic, 3Gs Media Centre, Gurnos, Merthyr Tydfil was the host for the ‘conversation inspired by the ANCHOR PEOPLES installation (created by ARTSTATION)’. Anchor Peoples is set in the post Communities First arena, ANCHOR PEOPLES is an immersive artwork evidencing the hidden value of community anchor organisations and the people within them; sadly being eroded currently.

Anchor Peoples or South Riverside in Cardiff and 3GS of Merthyr – Artstation

The exhibition was supported by the Learning and Work Institute.

As well as being a reminder of how community organisations provide a focus and a central point for citizens to seek advise and assistance.

The conversations consisted of two sessions which ran the 3rd July and 4th July. This allows the existing groups think how they will take forward the modern challenges around well-being.

The first session was called ‘Small Change – Learning in the Everyday’ and explored the processes and pressures, joys and tears of maintaining opportunities to learn in the community.

The second was called ‘The King’s Shilling’ and explored the experiences of maintaining the independence needed to ensure community credibility and influence whilst accessing statutory funds.

The report, informed by the conversations, will be used to feed into ongoing relevant discussions which should pass into agendas such as the Valleys Taskforce, the Foundational Economy and the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.

3Gs, Merthyr & South Riverside Community Development Centre (SRCDC), Cardiff.