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going forward


Fit and Fed Summer 2019

Fit and Fed – Riverside

Week 4 of the Fit and Fed – this vitally important scheme which will continue as after school activities when the holidays come to an end.

Loads of children experiencing sport and other related games in Riverside.

Ranu – also encouraging the youthful masses to eat some healthy nutricious food.

Big Lunch 2 – Chinatown

Bringing people together – Canoodle

Zhiwen Zhou was the executive chef who brought the culinary delights of the Orient to the Wyndham St Diner – Sharon Krause of the Believe – Credu project has been supported by the Eden Projects Big Lunch https://www.edenprojectcommunities.com/thebiglunchhomepage

SRCDC helps organisations and individuals in the local communities. SRCDC promotes people who wish to start up a business or try another career by providing the environment to allow people to test out their ideas.

Below is a gallery of the evening. A big thanks to all those sous chefs who helped Zhiwen and for the delightful company of the members of Riverside’s family who were lucky indeed to consume the wonderful food.

Big Lunch

SRCDC – Eden Community – The Big Lunch is the UK’s biggest annual get together for neighbours


SRCDC delayed their Big Lunch to ensure all the local community could participate.

Sharon Krause organised this event:

‘We had at least  30 people from the community join us today for a Big Lunch. It was a lovely, chilled event with children joining in the fun as it should be. It was also great to have Rebecca from Keep Riverside Tidy and the Nutrition and Dietetics team on board.

Thank you all so much for coming to support the event and a very big thank you to my crazy twin sister Kitty, without whom this event could not have taken place.’

Thanks also to Rebecca Falvey for her invaluable assistance:

‘Thank you so much to you Sharon for organising! I had a lovely time and met so many more people in my community. You and Kitty made delicious soup and Kitty also made me pull people off the street to join in – and they did and they loved it!!! People also got to find out what happens at Brunel St so hopefully will feel more confident to come along and use the services/classes etc. Good result all round! ‘

Project Worker

A Suitable Girl

Tuesday 28th May 11 am – Gentle / Radical FILM CLUB presents: A Suitable Girl – the cultural and societal demands on three Indian women.

Gentle/Radical – screening Tuesday 28th May 11am
All welcome see top image for contact details

Gentle Radical Residency

Wyndham St Centre is being radically reformed in preparation for the Gentle Radical Al-Mish’aal – Gentle Radical is an artist-run project – endeavouring to effect change.

Al-Mish’aal is a symbol of welcome, hospitality. It is an open invitation for communication and discourse with others.


Wyndham St Centre has long been used by the community of South Cardiff – in its present iteration, Gentle Radical will be looking at the desires and projects the community will plan together.

G/R makeover of Wyndham St

For more information on Gentle Radical see:

Help fund this space bit.ly/2V94xRj