Maximum number of people allowed in the SRCDC Buildings

SRCDC after consideration of Government Guidance

Any current activities that can be moved online, should be.


Safety of our community, ourselves and mitigating the pressure on the NHS needs to be our highest priority as the community move into this new stage of the Covid 19 pandemic.


Wales is moving from Alert Level 0 to Alert level 2 from 27th December.

At alert level 2; public buildings and educational settings such as ourselves can remain open whilst following tightly controlled Covid 19 guidelines and maximum numbers.

From 27/12/21: two metre social distancing will be mandatory in all workplaces.

Activities that exceed our maximum numbers will either need to reduce their numbers or delay their events.


If in doubt please email


The maximum numbers for all SRCDC spaces must not be exceeded.


Brunel St:


IT room 6

Meeting room 5

Hall 12

{Office 5}


Wyndham St


Education 6
Hall 10
Kitchen 3

Riverside Warehouse


Hall 20
Activity room 5

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