Riverside Warehouse Consultation


1. What activities would you like to see held at the Riverside Warehouse?

2. If you could visit a brand new community facility, what would it have. What would be important about the building and how it was designed?

3. How do you think local people could be more involved in the Riverside Warehouse?

4. Would you like to get involved in volunteering at the Riverside Warehouse?

5. Do you belong to a group that is looking for space to meet?

6. All responses will be put into our Feedback Prize Draw. First three out win a £25 cash prizes. Be lucky!

Please contact Jen Abell, Director SRCDC, with your views.
Email info@srcdc.org.uk
Call: 029 2030 9228

Or write to Jen Abell,
SRCDC, Brunel Street,
Cardiff CF11 6ES

The consultation will close on 31st
August 2021

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