Virtual FAN

Although COVID has interrupted the FAN groups both here and in wider Cardiff FAN is restarting some groups using digital tech.

Any one with access to the internet can take part – whether you just want to chat or improve your English – or reduce isolation – this could be for you.

A list of Virtual FAN meetings is here(click).

In addition to our virtual FAN groups friendly informal support continues to be given by Facilitators and staff by phone, text and email.

We anticipate that when the emergency is over many virtual FAN groups will continue and will enable far more people take part in FAN, both at home and away.

If you have any questions or are unsure how to link into a virtual FAN group, please do get in touch(click here) and please do encourage anyone who may be feeling isolated or lonely to join a virtual FAN group.

If you are Facebook more info here – .

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