Alternatives to Plastic

Stopping the mountains of plastic landfill and ocean clogging dumping has rightly received much focus.

As considerable attention focuses on everyday use of plastics what are the alternatives to plastics.

Coffee cups can of course be made of paper card or waxed biodegradable alternative – so easy there.

What of the humble toothbrush?

Many of the bamboo / wood alternates employ BPA or Nylon for the brush part – some employ animal hair.

Some claim to use bamboo fibre or corn fibre.

There is a fortune to be made for some young entrepreneur who can find a truly biodegradable alternative.

In parts of Africa twigs are used – similarly dog owners use chews.

Some thoughtful articles:

The Truth About Your Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush


And the toothpaste tube?

Meanwhile what can you do to keep the area clean – @TidyRiverside watch out for Keep Riverside Tidy

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