Food Shortage in Pantry

Food share in Cardiff who supply the Pantry have reduced their weekly delivery of food from about 425kg to 50kg this week and next week.

They don’t know about deliveries after next week but are trying a range of ways of getting more food in.

Please help by passing on the following messages to the people and groups you work with:

·         We have tins, dried food and veg and plenty of cakes/bread from local bakeries

·         There’s limited food in the fridges – meat or dairy

·         We still have Halal chicken fresh each week till the special funding runs out

·         Please plant an extra row of veg in your garden for the pantry

·         Likewise bring in your surplus veg at harvest time.

·         Any ideas for new donations of food welcome

·         Our amazing volunteers are doing a great job of getting more food in to fill the gap

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