MAD4Kids Cardiff +

Mad4Kids is a registered Cardiff based charity aiming to Make A Difference to Children’s lives. Whilst continuing our work in Africa, we embarked upon a new venture ‘Mad4Kids Cardiff +’ in June 2021 to support children in our home city.

Our aim is to provide nearly new, pre-loved items that will ‘Make A Difference’ to the lives of children in Cardiff and the surrounding areas by becoming the conduit between a child (and their parents) who have a need and those who have something they no longer need and are willing to pass on such as pushchairs, beds, cots, toys etc.

Working with other charities and support workers in the city, we advertise on social media and individual networks to ask for specific items/equipment as and when we learn of a child with a particular need. We can then collect the item and ensure its delivery to its new owner.

Since we began this initiative we have helped over 40 families in Cardiff and hope this will continue to grow as the word gets around about our work.

You can contact us for a nomination form via or on the mobile 07968905005. Thanks Sharon and Gareth Vaughan.

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