Women’s diversity Cycling event catch up



Cardiff Council are intending to hold a series of events – Cycle-Ready for Spring – on Saturdays through February as follows

12th Grangetown Pavillion

19th Splott Play Centre

26th Llandaff North

These events will have Dr Bike, police security marking but are largely promotional for us e.g. banners and leaflets





5th or 12th Cycle- Ready for Spring Cycle Fest in Castle Grounds. – Germaine thought this was going to be the 5th?

Fri 11th March – we are turning our regular women’s ride into an international women’s day celebration.  I also have a regular trike group (all women) who come at 1pm so hoping we can sort of combine the two and have coffee and cake in between (12-1pm).




6-12th June Bike Week

11th (Saturday) end of National Bike Week. Pedal Power’s Ride for All

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