We Can Work It Out New Year

We Can Work It Out Session – in the New Year

Starting Back Week of 10th January 2022

English Language Café – Mondays at Brunel St

The first English Language Café will take place from 12 noon till 13:30 pm at Brunel St

Learning English at the English Language Café covers weekly topics to enable learners to get to grips with for example, the tenses of verbs. Participants learn in a supported informal environment.

You will be able to improve language and communication skills. In addition you will get to extend your cultural awareness. You will be able to develop listening and speaking skills and gain advice about Cardiff and Wales.

Participants can also organise activities and events for the English language café.


Read and Write – Tuesday at Brunel St – Starting on 11th January

The first Read and Write session will be held in Brunel St from 10:00 – 12:00

Mashmooma will assist participants to develop both reading and writing English using IT.


IT for Employment – Thursday at Brunel St – Starting on the 13th January

The first IT for Employment session will be held in Brunel St from 10:30 – 12:00

If you need to improve your digital literacy and/or IT skills then you can come along and practice them with support in an informal session.

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