Census 2021

1.  The Census needs to be completed by every household in Wales and England.  It does not matter what your status is, where you were born or your nationality.  Another way of looking at it is if you are planning to stay here for 3 months or longer then you need to complete the Census. 

2.   The Census is a once in a ten year survey which public services use the data to help them understand how to plan for services needed.  

3.  Your data is totally anonymous, and is kept that way for a 100 years. 

4.  The Office of National Statistics collects the Census data, and is totally independent of the Government. The ONS does not share your date with any government body such as Benefits Agency, Tax Office or the Home Office. It is not able to by law.

5.  There are several ways to complete the Census.  You will need a 16 digit access code to complete the Census online. (you can get your access code online too – www.census.gov.uk); a paper version, you can book an appointment with the Census Support Centre and they will ring you back at the agreed time and complete it with you or, if you have a trusted helper or member of your community, they can help  you complete it remotely. 

Here is the link to the guidance in Arabic

Here is the link to guidance in Urdu

Here is the link to  guidance in Bengali

Here is the link the guidance in Polish

Here is the link to the guidance in Kurdish

Here is the link to the guidance  in Romanian

Here is the link to the guidance in French

Here is the link to the guidance in Portuguese

0800 876 6276 – this is the dedicated number to order a paper copy of the census

0800 169 2021 this is the number of the Census bilingual Help Line  they can help with the following:-

·  Booking an appointment to complete your Census;

·  Order a paper version of the Census;

·  Order an access code;

·  Talk to Census Support Officers in 19 language lines

Online links include 

·  Order an Access code – https://census.gov.uk

·  Order a Braille guidance booklet https://census.gov.uk/help/languages-and-accessibility/accessibility/braille

·  Access a BSL video https://census.gov.uk/help/languages-and-accessibility/accessibility/accessible-videos-with-bsl

·  Order an Easy read guidance booklet https://census.gov.uk/contact-us

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