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Doorstep Revolution

We’re excited to tell you about our new Doorstep Revolution project, funded through a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund’s Emerging Futures Programme. This enables us to work directly within residents in our Riverside neighbourhood in a hyper-local project exploring Covid and the impacts of the ongoing pandemic on our residents. As we know, those impacts disproportionately affect the poorest and most disadvantaged in our city, to include communities of colour, and it is our priority to centre those very voices – which so often go unheard – in this project. We’ll be gathering stories and perspectives directly from local people, hearing about the deep challenges of these times, what is taking priority for people at the moment, what is mattering less, and what this pandemic reveals to us about the futures we want to imagine differently and inhabit.  
Focusing on a series of streets across South Riverside, we’ll be audio recording dialogues and conversations over the coming months, leading to the creation of a brand new neighbourhood podcast for South Riverside, as well as a new multi-lingual cultural/community newspaper for the area.

We’re recruiting volunteers to take part in the project. 
If you want to find out more, we have three introductory Zoom meetings taking place on:

Wednesday 3rd November, 6.30pm
Wednesday 11th November, 10.30am 
Wednesday 11th November, 6.30pm

If you’d like to know more, get in touch with Project Coordinator
Tony Hendrickson, at

Our mailing address is:

The Wyndham Street Centre
3-5 Wyndham Street
Cardiff, Wales CF11 6EQ
United Kingdom

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