Cardiff’s Race Equality Taskforce

Deadline Sept 18th to apply to be member of Cardiff’s Race Equality Taskforce

In autumn 2020, Cardiff Council will convene a Race Equality Taskforce to address racial discrimination and promote race equality in the city.

Last month, the Equality Team launched both the public appointment process for membership of the Race Equality Taskforce and the community consultation which will inform its priorities.

Below, you will find further information regarding the Call for Membership and the Consultation: ‘Your priorities for the Cardiff Race Equality Taskforce.’ You can also find full details of both the public appointment process and the consultation on a dedicated page on the Council website.

This is an important opportunity for our residents to make their voices heard in shaping the future of our city and the vitally important work of the Race Equality Taskforce in the months ahead. 

Please share this email widely through your networks to maximise the visibility of these initiatives.

If you have any questions in relation to the Taskforce, the Call for Membership and/or the Consultation, please email

Call for Membership:

Cardiff’s Race Equality Taskforce will drive coordinated and strategic action to address inequality in the city. The Race Equality Taskforce will be comprised of the Chair and 14 members.

The Taskforce will be responsible for advancing a programme of change and transformation to create a fairer city for our Black and Minority Ethnic residents. 

The Equality Team are seeking applications for Taskforce Membership from individuals with insight and interest in race, ethnicity and human rights, who have the ability, experience, opportunity and influence to make changes in their sector, industry and institutions or organisations.

It is expected that individuals will have experience in one or more of the following fields:

Voluntary Sector and Community Organisations Education, including Further
and Higher Education
Public Services Sport  
Major Employers and
Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Trade Unions
Culture and the Arts Children and Young People

The full details of how to apply, and the relevant application form and accompanying guidance, can be found at:

Consultation:  ‘Your priorities for the Cardiff Race Equality Taskforce’

In preparation for the launch of the Race Equality Taskforce, the Equality Team have launched a public consultation to seek the views of Cardiff residents, particularly those from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, on the Taskforce’s strategic priorities. 

The Equality Team want to know what our residents think are the biggest issues, and the greatest opportunities, for Black and Minority Ethnic Cardiffians, so we can focus our thinking and resources into finding the solutions that will have the greatest impact. 

Reviewing our evidence base on race inequality in Cardiff, Wales and the UK more broadly, in this consultation the Equality Team propose some suggested areas of initial focus. These suggestions are areas where we believe the Taskforce could have a considerable impact in driving meaningful change to advance race equality. 

In this consultation, we want to understand if our residents agree that these suggested areas should be Taskforce priorities, or if we could be more effective by focusing on other areas. 

The findings of this consultation will significantly shape the work of the Taskforce in the months ahead, with task-orientated work streams established for each priority, up to a maximum of four.

This approach will enable the Taskforce to benefit from the expertise of credible practitioners who will support the Taskforce to identify substantive and evidence-based recommendations to improve race equality in Cardiff within each theme.

The consultation can be accessed via the following links: Welsh / English

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