Gentle Radical Residency

Wyndham St Centre is being radically reformed in preparation for the Gentle Radical Al-Mish’aal – Gentle Radical is an artist-run project – endeavouring to effect change.

Al-Mish’aal is a symbol of welcome, hospitality. It is an open invitation for communication and discourse with others.

Wyndham St Centre has long been used by the community of South Cardiff – in its present iteration, Gentle Radical will be looking at the desires and projects the community will plan together.

G/R makeover of Wyndham St

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  1. Kathy Oakwood says:

    Online volunteer researchers needed. Would anyone be interested in doing some research for the Windrush Cymru project please? We trying to located BAME people who came to or lived in Wales from 1948 onwards in newspapers, genealogy, archives, etc. There is also a Training in Research Skills opportunity on 25 July 10-12am for those who’d like to take part. Any help gratefully received. (Forwarding for ‘Windrush Generation Research’. Thx.)

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