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Residents are saying that a new off licence should be stopped from opening in a suburb, according to the Residents it already had its share of homeless people, drug addicts and crime. An application has already been sent to Cardiff Council for a shop which could sell alcohol to open at 46 Tudor Street, Riverside. 

But it does have some objections from some Residents, one resident that wishes to be unnamed says “that the area is really well known for its history of prostitution, drug dealers and drug addicts”. According to the source, the police and emergency services are there daily due to drug issues. The police made a fantastic effort to deal with the issues but believe that an another licensed shop wont make things better, actually the complete opposite, it actually make matters worse than it already is.

The biggest issue the residents had brought forward is the noise, drunken behavior and attracting the wrong sort of groups into a very residential area

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Source of information – https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/local-news/street-shouldnt-new-licence-because-13786018 


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