A Thankyou From the Fan Charity

To Barry, Bridgend, Cardiff and St Athan FAN Facilitators.

Dear FAN Facilitator

I would like to thank all of you as FAN Group Facilitators for everything you have given to FAN this year.  You have volunteered a massive 1133 hours between September 2023 and June 2024 and that is just for the hours our Groups run and does not include any preparation or aftercare of participants.  We know this because you have embraced our new system of logging data so diligently – thank you!

You turn up each week, no matter what the weather, no matter how you feel,  and make sure that there is a warm welcome for all.   Working alone, or as part of a small team and certainly alongside your regular participants you are the beating heart of FAN.   

We are proud to be a positive movement, a safe place which brings communities together, overcomes loneliness and offers learners a place to practise English or Welsh.  Our groups provide a place to seek what unites us rather than divides us.

As a FAN Facilitator myself I am aware, of course, that taking each weekly meeting of a Group can be enjoyable and rewarding, and that being able to meet such a diverse and ‘nice’ group of people is stimulating and ‘pure pleasure’.

I am pleased that I have been able to meet many of you in the past year – whether by joining your groups face to face or virtually, by your participation in Facilitator Get-Togethers or Training Sessions, and by you so constructively taking part in the recent FAN Strategic Plan Consultations with your own viewpoints and those of members of your Groups.

On behalf of the FAN Charity Trustees,  I would like to thank you for everything you do for FAN and I look forward further opportunities to meet with you before too long.

Best wishes


Ian Thomson
FAN Charity Chairman and Trustee
FAN Group Facilitator 

Weekly meetings for local people and for those from further afield to meet for an hour, get to know each other, and share experiences.  Make friends. Practice your English. Whether you are new to Cardiff or have lived here all your life, whether you are young or older, whatever your beliefs or background, you will be very welcome.  Meetings are held throughout Cardiff and further afield each week. We offer both Classic FAN (Face to Face) and Virtual FAN Groups

More details:
Tel: 07880-630553

Email directly to me:
thomsoni@outlook.com or Phone: 029-2022-0203. Voicemail messages and texts can be left on 07714-739960

Support FAN

All FAN Groups are free to attend but we are a charity and rely on funding to continue our work. If you feel you are able to give, your help will mean that we can host FAN Groups for free, for everyone. https://www.thefancharity.org/donate-to-fan/

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