Credu – Believe Believe – Credu 2023

Success Story

The Henry Smith Charity are very pleased to confirm that the Trustees have agreed to award a grant totalling £179,900 towards three years’ continuation costs of the running costs of an anti-poverty project for unemployed women care-givers from deprived parts of Cardiff called Believe/ Credu Project.

During assessment Henry Smith were particularly impressed with SRCDC`s high quality delivery, willingness to work in partnership with a diverse range of organisations, and strong outcomes.

The Project will be led again by Sharon Krause.

The project will engage with Ethnic Minority women over 25 in the Riverside, Grangetown and Canton community with caring or childcare responsibilities, who lack formal qualifications and/or employability skills.


  • To engage with the community.
  • To provide employment support, such as work placements.
  • To support to find employment and training.

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