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Important Announcement!!!

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As you may be aware, the Welsh Government’s Communities First Programme will end on 31st March 2018. This means South Riverside Community Development Centre (SRCDC) who host the project will not receive any further funding from Cardiff Council after 31st March 2018 and it’s with regret I am writing to confirm all existing BRG Communities First services will finish at the end of March. SRCDC are endeavouring to seek new funding and partnership opportunities in order to provide courses and services to suit the needs of the local communities. 


What do you Think??

Residents are saying that a new off licence should be stopped from opening in a suburb, according to the Residents it already had its share of homeless people, drug addicts and crime. An application has already been sent to Cardiff Council for a shop which could sell alcohol to open at 46 Tudor Street, Riverside. 

But it does have some objections from some Residents, one resident that wishes to be unnamed says “that the area is really well known for its history of prostitution, drug dealers and drug addicts”. According to the source, the police and emergency services are there daily due to drug issues. The police made a fantastic effort to deal with the issues but believe that an another licensed shop wont make things better, actually the complete opposite, it actually make matters worse than it already is.

The biggest issue the residents had brought forward is the noise, drunken behavior and attracting the wrong sort of groups into a very residential area

   Thanks for reading, we would love to know your opinions on this so please feel free to leave a comment and don’t forget to give us a fellow on twitter as we tweet daily. 

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Twitter page – https://twitter.com/SRCDC_Cardiff 

Source of information – https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/local-news/street-shouldnt-new-licence-because-13786018 


No Green Recycling bags for the week

This is a message from Cardiff Council to say that due the severe weather last Thursday and Friday the teams were sent to clear roads and are behind on the waste collections. Just for this week the Council are only collecting our Brown food waste bins and If you have them the yellow and black ‘hygiene’ bags. For nappies etc, No green recycling bags and no garden bins or bags tomorrow. Back to normal next week. Do check the Council website if you are in doubt.


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Grangetown’s first map of independent businesses

Are you new to Cardiff?

Want to know the best places to shop, eat and experience?

We in SRCDC recommend you go and checkout Get Lost In Cardiff.

Get Lost In Cardiff was created by Kirsty Patrick and her team of hands on Cardiff freelancers and small business owners around Cardiff. They made two maps. The first map shows nine independent home grown shops, eateries and galleries and where its located, the second map is a updated version of the first map and this one shows 24 city centre independent shops, eateries and galleries.

We definitely recommend you go check them out if you are new to Cardiff or just want to try something different, for more information please go give them a look, link to their website will be below.


Social Media Guest Blogger

Next week starting March 5th SRCDC welcomes Isaac Manfield as our public face.

Isaac will be giving you his take on whats happening both here at our centre and in the local area.

Isaac will be blogging on this website and posting on other Media channels.

Watch out for Monday’s post.