going forward
going forward

September 2021

Polish Romanian – Settled Status?

The EUSS Deadline had passed and EU nationals still need support in navigating a complicated digital system.  There are also new emerging issues arising due to the nature of the scheme, causing confusion amongst public and the professionals. Settled is offering free webinars in Polish and Romanian languages with immigration lawyer Chris Benn from Seraphus Law.

Please spread the word amongst your contacts and forward onto relevant people. Those wishing to book a place, the registration details for the events are under each event poster.

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The events are also advertised on our Facebook page @WeAreSettled.

Rising to the Challenge – Employer Event Tue, 5 Oct 2021 10:00 – 12:30 BST

ELITE Supported Employment presents ‘Rising to the Challenge’. This is a FREE employers event promoting equality in the workplace.  This event is aimed at supporting employers in hiring and retaining people with disabilities and difficulties in these uncertain times.

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There will be guest speakers from;

Lynda Ormerod from the Department of Work and Pensions will outline how Access to Work can help you to hire and maintaining people with disabilities.

Sarah Alford and Caitlin Rees from Berry Smith Lawyers will provide employment and HR advice for these uncertain times

Chris English from ELITE Training Solutions will be dispelling the myths and misconceptions around employing people with disabilities. He’ll also be discussing the benefits of becoming ‘Disability Confident’.

Listen to Chris talk about the event here;

We would love for you to join this event and truly believe this is hugely useful to employers throughout Wales & beyond. Book your free tickets here – https://elitesea.co.uk/employers/services-offered-to-employers/


Many Thanks,


Gentle Radical – News


Former tenants of the Wyndham St Centre, a local artist-run project, has among other things been nominated for this year’s Tate Turner Prize.

Below is their latest news circular:

Turner Prize 2021
Warmest greetings to you from us…we hope this finds you flourishing and thriving in times that continue to be far from easy. Here at Gentle/Radical, it’s been an unbelievably busy summer (which is why we’ve been so quiet!). Behind the scenes, we’ve been putting together a new piece of work for our Turner Prize nominated exhibition – which is opening this Wednesday 29th September. We’re looking forward (after catching our breath!) to picking up on conversations, projects, events and activities, and we’ll keep you updated on all of these. For now, a brief summary of what’s going on at Gentle/Radical HQ…

Turner Prize Exhibition ‘To live is to live with others; colleagues, companions, neighbours and strangers…’

Back in May, we received news about our nomination for this year’s Tate Turner Prize. This came out of the blue for Gentle/Radical, and for an organisation like ours – which doesn’t routinely show up in contemporary art or gallery spaces – the nomination threw up all kinds of questions for us, as well as possibilities. Alongside an amazing team, and just a few months to put together a brand new show, we’ll be presenting the outcomes of our work at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry, where this year’s Turner Prize exhibition is taking place.

Our presentation, consisting of video, sung elements, text-based and printed work, is a culmination of some of our thinking at this moment in time; a series of reflections on how we relate to, and witness each other, in moments of both trouble and possibility. The exhibition draws inspiration from Welsh Gorsedd prayers; introduces notes on an emergent Gentle/Radical curriculum; and sheds light on some of the habitual questions we continue to explore as a collective – how do we raise children beyond the nuclear family? How do we hold spaces for grief and loss? How do the multiplicities of diaspora show up amongst us? We hope you’ll get a chance over the next few months to visit the exhibition in Coventry.

It’s free to attend, and for further information about this year’s Turner Prize, check out the link on the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum web page. The show runs 29th September 2021 through to 12th January 2022, with the announcement of the winner on December 1st.

Palestine Book Club
Some of you may have caught our social media posts about the Palestine Book Club with an invitation to folks across Wales (and beyond) to consider setting up a book club of their own to encourage greater understanding of what’s happening – and has historically been happening – in Palestine. Palestine,and Palestinan liberation, has always been close to our hearts, and in some of our previous Gentle/Radical events (sympoisa, film club screenings) we’ve placed Palestinian narratives and histories, centre stage. In response to violent attacks on Gaza in May (attacks which continue but are no longer being reported in mainstream media), and in dialogue with Palestinian colleagues living under occupation, we wanted to take action in a way that went beyond the solidarity statements or marches – as much as we ourselves participate in these actions and find them essential. The Palestine Book Club is an invitation for people to set up their own reading groups about Palestine. It’s encouraging anyone – particularly those who feel they don’t know enough and would like to know more – to educate ourselves, together, about one of the most pressing issues of injustice of our time. Alongside colleagues Tony Hedrickson and Samson Hart, we’ve put together a resource list, and tips on setting up a book club, if you haven’t before. Palestine Book Clubs are emerging across Wales – from Common Wealth Theatre Company’s group in Cardiff East to the Dyffryn Teifi Valley Palestine Book Club in West Wales…! We’d love folks to join us in building a network of deeper learning and solidarity around Palestine. Get in touch for more information, our resource list, and – if you haven’t set up a book club before but would like – we’re on hand for a chat!

Doorstep Revolution Conversations
We were due to launch outcomes of our Doorstep Revolution project back in July – but the Turner Prize nomination swept aside most plans as we knuckled down to some very focused work on the exhibition the last 4 months.

However, do look out for the launch of the Doorstep Revolution newspaper and podcasts in November; the stories we are looking forward to sharing with you are insightful, touching, and intimate tellings from local Riverside residents, of lives lived over the pandemic and under lockdown. 

We’re currently thinking about how to share some of these stories in person or over Zoom, with a series of readings and audio ‘listenings’ at some point soon, subject to the usual safety procedures/precautions. In the meantime, look out for future newsletters, where we’ll be linking you to some of the extraordinary conversations that have been taking place in Riverside, about Covid, and the future of community.

Connect and Flourish
Finally, we were delighted to receive news of our successful Arts Council of Wales Connect and Flourish application a few months back. Whilst commencing that work has also been put on, we’re delighted and looking forward to be working with partners Platfform (Wales largest mental health charity) and Bristol’s incredible youth-led Rising Arts Agency, to bring a series of extraordinary new projects across Riverside in 2022.

All in all, it’s been a frenzied few months for us since May, not ones we anticipated or could have imagined. But we’re looking forward to taking a break, and starting fresh again as we head deeper into autumn/winter 2021, with new projects, existing activities and as ever, an eye on how we go deeper in our dialogues and activities around making  culture, and community, matter, in these times.

For further information on any of these activities and events, please get in touch by contacting Divya at divya@gentleradical.org. And we look forward to seeing you very soon.

Gwobr TURNER 2021
Ein cyfarchion cynnes i chi gyd … gobeithiwn eich bod yn ffynnu ac yn llewyrchu yn yr adeg hon sy’n parhau mor anodd. Yma yn Gentle/Radical, mae hi wedi bod yn haf anhygoel o brysur (a dyna pam rydyn ni wedi bod mor dawel!). Y tu ôl i’r llenni, rydyn ni wedi bod yn llunio darn newydd o waith ar gyfer ein harddangosfa a enwebwyd ar gyfer Gwobr Turner – sy’n agor ddydd Mercher, 29ain Medi. Rydym yn edrych ymlaen (ar ôl cael rhywfaint o hoe!) at ailgydio mewn sgyrsiau, prosiectau, digwyddiadau a gweithgareddau, a byddwn yn eich diweddaru ar bob un o’r rhain. Am y tro, dyma grynodeb byr o’r hyn sy’n digwydd ym Mhencadlys Gentle/Radical …     Arddangosfa Gwobr Turner“Byw yw byw gydag eraill; cydweithwyr, cymdeithion, cymdogion a dieithriaid.”

Yn ôl ym mis Mai, cawsom newyddion am ein henwebiad ar gyfer Gwobr Turner y Tate eleni. Daeth hyn fel tipyn o sioc i Gentle/Radical, ac i sefydliad fel ein un ni – nad yw’n ymddangos yn rheolaidd mewn gofodau celf gyfoes neu orielau – cododd yr enwebiad bob math o gwestiynau i ni, yn ogystal â phosibiliadau. Ochr yn ochr â thîm anhygoel, a gydag ychydig fisoedd yn unig i lunio sioe newydd sbon, byddwn yn cyflwyno canlyniadau ein gwaith yn Oriel Gelf ac Amgueddfa Herbert yn Coventry, lle cynhelir arddangosfa Gwobr Turner eleni.

Mae ein cyflwyniad, sy’n cynnwys fideo, elfennau wedi’u canu, darnau gwaith testun ac argraffedig, yn benllanw ar rywfaint o’n meddylfryd ar hyn o bryd; cyfres o fyfyrdodau ar sut rydyn ni’n uniaethu â’n gilydd, a bod yn dyst i’n gilydd, ar adegau o drafferth a phosibilrwydd hefyd. Mae’r arddangosfa’n tynnu ysbrydoliaeth o weddïau Gorsedd Cymru; yn cyflwyno nodiadau ar gwricwlwm datblygol Gentle/Radical; ac yn taflu goleuni ar y cwestiynau cyson rydyn ni’n parhau i’w harchwilio fel grŵp – sut ydyn ni’n magu plant y tu hwnt i’r teulu niwclear? Sut ydyn ni’n cynnal lleoedd ar gyfer galar a cholled? Sut mae elfennau niferus diaspora yn ymddangos yn ein plith? Gobeithiwn y cewch gyfle dros yr ychydig fisoedd nesaf i ymweld â’r arddangosfa yn Coventry.

Mae’r arddangosfa’n rhad ac am ddim. I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am arddangosfa Gwobr Turner eleni, edrychwch ar y dolenni ar dudalen we Oriel Gelf ac Amgueddfa Herbert. Mae’r sioe yn rhedeg o 29ain Medi 2021 i 12fed Ionawr 2022, gyda’r enillydd  yn cael ei gyhoeddi ar 1af Rhagfyr.

Clwb Llyfrau Palesteina
Efallai bod rhai ohonoch wedi digwydd gweld ein postiadau cyfryngau cymdeithasol am Glwb Llyfrau Palesteina a gwahoddiad i bobl ledled Cymru (a thu hwnt) i ystyried sefydlu clwb llyfrau eu hunain i annog gwell dealltwriaeth o’r hyn sac yn hanesyddol sydd wedi bod yn digwydd – ym Mhalesteina.

Mae Palesteina, a rhyddid Palesteina, bob amser wedi bod yn agos at ein calonnau, ac yn rhai o’n digwyddiadau Gentle/Radical blaenorol ( symposia, dangosiadau clwb ffilmiau) rydyn ni wedi rhoi lle blaenllaw i naratifau a hanesion am Balesteina.

Mewn ymateb i ymosodiadau treisgar ar Gaza ym mis Mai (ymosodiadau sy’n parhau ond nad oes bellach unrhyw adrodd arnynt yn y cyfryngau prif ffrwd), ac mewn deialog gyda chydweithwyr Palesteinaidd sy’n byw dan feddiannaeth, roeddem am weithredu mewn ffordd a oedd yn mynd y tu hwnt i’r datganiadau undod neu’r gorymdeithiau – er cymaint ag yr ydym ni ein hunain yn cymryd rhan yn y gweithredoedd hyn ac yn eu cael yn hanfodol.

Mae Clwb Llyfrau Palesteina yn wahoddiad i bobl sefydlu eu grwpiau darllen eu hunain am Balesteina. Maen nhw’n annog unrhyw un – yn enwedig y rheiny sy’n teimlo nad ydyn nhw’n gwybod digon ac sy’n dymuno gwybod mwy – i addysgu ein hunain, ar y cyd, am un o faterion mwyaf enbyd anghyfiawnder ein hoes. Ochr yn ochr â’n cydweithwyr Tony Hedrickson a Samson Hart, rydyn ni wedi llunio rhestr adnoddau ac awgrymiadau ynghylch sefydlu clwb llyfrau, felly mae’r cyfan – yn syml iawn! Mae Clybiau Llyfrau yn dod i’r amlwg ledled Cymru – o grŵp Cwmni Theatr Common Wealth yn Nwyrain Caerdydd i Glwb Llyfrau Palesteina Dyffryn Teifi yng Ngorllewin Cymru!

Hoffem yn fawr iawn i bobl ymuno â ni i adeiladu rhwydwaith o ddysgu dyfnach ac undod ynghylch Palesteina. Cysylltwch â ni i gael mwy o wybodaeth, ein rhestr adnoddau, ac – os nad ydych chi wedi sefydlu clwb llyfrau o’r blaen ond yr hoffech chi wneud hynny – rydyn ni ar gael am sgwrs!

Chwyldro Carreg Drws
Roeddem i fod i lansio canlyniadau ein prosiect Chwyldro Carreg Drws yn ôl ym mis Gorffennaf – ond cafodd y mwyafrif o’n cynlluniau eu rhoi o’r neilltu gan ein henwebiad ar gyfer Gwobr Turner wrth i ni fynd ati o ddifrif i ganolbwyntio’n benodol ar yr arddangosfa yn ystod y 4 mis diwethaf!

Fodd bynnag, cadwch lygad allan am lansiad papur newydd a phodlediadau Chwyldro Carreg Drws ym mis Tachwedd; mae’r straeon rydyn ni’n edrych ymlaen at eu rhannu gyda chi yn adroddiadau craff, teimladwy a phersonol gan drigolion lleol Glan yr Afon, am fyw bywydau yn ystod y pandemig a’r cyfnod clo.

Ar hyn o bryd rydyn ni’n ystyried sut i rannu rhai o’r straeon hyn wyneb yn wyneb neu dros Zoom, gyda chyfres o ddarlleniadau a ‘gwrandawiadau’ sain ar ryw adeg yn fuan, gan ddibynnu ar y gweithdrefnau a’r rhagofalon diogelwch arferol. Yn y cyfamser, cadwch lygad allan am y cylchlythyrau nesaf, lle byddwn ni’n eich cysylltu chi  â rhai o’r sgyrsiau rhyfeddol sydd wedi bod yn digwydd, yng Nglan yr Afon, am Covid, a dyfodol y gymuned.

Cysylltu a Ffynnu
Yn olaf, roeddem yn falch iawn o dderbyn newyddion am ein cais Cysylltu a Ffynnu llwyddiannus Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru ychydig fisoedd yn ôl. Er bod y gwaith hwnnw (fel llawer o bethau eraill!) wedi cael ei ohirio oherwydd arddangosfa Turner, rydyn ni wrth ein boddau ac yn edrych ymlaen at gydweithio gyda’n partneriaid Platfform (elusen iechyd meddwl fwyaf Cymru) a’r Rising Arts Agency anhygoel ym Mryste a arweinir gan bobl ifanc, i ddod â chyfres o brosiectau newydd rhyfeddol i Lan yr Afon yn 2022.

Mae’r ychydig fisoedd ers mis Mai wedi bod yn rhai rhyfedd a phrysur dros ben i ni, nid yn rhai yr oeddem yn eu rhagweld neu y gallem fod wedi’u dychmygu. Ond rydyn ni’n edrych ymlaen at gymryd hoe, gorffwys a dechrau o’r newydd eto wrth i ni symud ymlaen trwy hydref/gaeaf 2021, gyda phrosiectau newydd, gweithgareddau sy’n bodoli eisoes ac fel erioed, llygad ar sut rydyn ni’n mynd yn ddyfnach yn ein deialogau a’n gweithgareddau ynghylch sut i roi pwys ar ddiwylliant, a chymuned, yn yr oes hon.

Am fwy o wybodaeth am unrhyw un o’r gweithgareddau a digwyddiadau hyn, cysylltwch â ni drwy e-bostio Divya yn divya@gentleradical.org. Ac edrychwn ymlaen at eich gweld yn fuan iawn.