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going forward

February 2021

Safer Internet

Assessing Online Content and Interactions – Let’s Get Digitally Savvy

Can you tell when something is a scam online? Can you tell the difference between opinion and fact online? Do you know how to assess websites? Can you spot manipulative behaviour online? Are you able to tell when something is an advertisement online? Do you know where to go to report online concerns?

As part of Safer Internet Day on the 9th of February 2021, WISE KIDS is hosting 2 online interactive workshops which will also feature guest panellists. These workshops will explore how we assess online content and interactions, and the knowledge, digital literacy and resilience we need so we don’t get tricked online.

So come along, to learn more!

·       Workshop 1 (4pm-5.15pm) is for young people aged 13+ attending with their supervising teacher/youth worker who must complete this registration form: https://forms.gle/E22g6gQ82kAQQ1nv5

·        Workshop 2 (5.30pm-6.45pm) is for adults (parents/carers/professionals) who must complete this registration form.

Both workshops will be facilitated by Dr Sangeet Bhullar from WISE KIDS and will also feature guest panellist Dr Huw Davies (Lecturer in Digital Education at Edinburgh university), Mrs Josephine Farag from Cardiff High School, Mrs Julia Willis and Miss Ceri John from Cross Ash Primary, Mrs Becki Bawler from Risca Comprehensive School, Ms Sian Northey from the Parent Network, Mr Dayle Luce from Cardiff Youth Service and Ms Parven Kaur from Kids n Clicks.

Annwyl Gydweithwyr,

Asesu Cynnwys Ar-lein a Rhyngweithiadau – Dod i Ddeall y byd Digidol

A ydych chi’n gallu adnabod sgam ar-lein?  A ydych chi’n gallu adnabod y gwahaniaeth rhwng barn a ffaith ar-lein?  A ydych chi’n gwybod sut i asesu gwefannau?  A ydych chi’n gallu adnabod ymddygiad ystrywus ar-lein?  A ydych chi’n gallu adnabod pan fo rhywbeth yn hysbyseb ar-lein?  A ydych chi’n gwybod ble i adrodd am bryderon ar-lein?

Fel rhan o Ddiwrnod Defnyddio’r Rhyngrwyd yn Fwy Diogel ar 9 Chwefror 2021, bydd WISE KIDS yn cynnal 2 weithdy rhyngweithiol a fydd yn cynnwys panelwyr gwadd.  Bydd y gweithdai hyn yn archwilio sut ydym yn asesu cynnwys a rhyngweithiadau ar-lein, a’r wybodaeth, y llythrennedd digidol a’r cydnerthedd y mae ei angen arnom fel na fydd rhywun yn ein twyllo ar-lein.

Felly ymunwch gyda ni i ddysgu mwy!

·         Mae Gweithdy 1 (4pm-5.15pm) ar gyfer pobl ifanc 13+ oed, a fydd yn mynychu gyda’u hathro/gweithiwr ieuenctid a fydd yn eu goruchwylio, y mae’n rhaid iddynt lenwi’r ffurflen gofrestru hon:  https://forms.gle/E22g6gQ82kAQQ1nv5

·         Mae Gweithdy 2 (5.30pm-6.45pm) ar gyfer oedolion (rhieni/gofalwyr/gweithwyr proffesiynol), y mae’n rhaid iddynt lenwi’r ffurflen gofrestru hon.

Hwylusir y ddau weithdy gan Dr Sangeet Bhullar o WISE KIDS, a bydd yn cynnwys panelydd gwadd, Dr Huw Davies (Darlithydd mewn Addysg Ddigidol ym mhrifysgol Caeredin), Mrs Josephine Farag o Ysgol Uwchradd Caerdydd, Mrs Julia Willis a Miss Ceri John o Ysgol Gynradd Cross Ash, Mrs Becki Bawler o Ysgol Gyfun Risca, Ms Siân Northey o’r Rhwydwaith Rhieni, Mr Dayle Luce o Wasanaeth Ieuenctid Caerdydd a Ms Parven Kaur o Kids n Clicks.


Best regards,
Sangeet Bhullar

Sangeet Bhullar, PhD.
Executive Director, WISE KIDS
Company No. 4572181;  Tel: 44 (0)1633-673339/ 44 (0)7540707258

WISE KIDS: Promoting Digital Literacy, Digital Citizenship and Wellbeing for a Connected World

vaccine covid-19

Urdu Covid Vaccine Webinar 7th Feb – Join our Urdu Question and Answer Session

Muslim Doctors Cymru are promoting the message that the Covid vaccines are safe and effective. As part of this they are holding culturally aware webinars on Zoom in multiple languages to provide a safe space where people, especially those from minority communities, can ask questions. Please could you share this information with anyone who you think would be interested.

Their next webinar will be in Urdu, details are:

Urdu Covid Vaccine Webinar – Join our Urdu Question and Answer Session

When: Sunday 7 February 2021 at 6 pm

Where: Online on Zoom. Here is the link: https://bit.ly/3caNQ4f

Do you have any questions about Covid or the vaccine? Are you confused with all the information passed around? Do you want more clarity to help you decide what is best for you?

Please join us on the 7th of February, inshAllah, for a Question and Answer session where you can ask any question. Please share with everyone you know. 


A recording of the English language Covid Vaccine Webinar held on 30 January 2021, can be viewed here: https://fb.watch/3obri81FcV/ 

Muslim Doctors Cymru want to encourage the take up of the vaccine, dispel myths, and keep people safe from Covid and the majority of resources are relevant to all.

Find out more:

Twitter: @muslimdoccymru

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/muslimdoccymru

Email: muslimdoctorscymru@gmail.com