going forward
going forward

July 2019

Fit and Fed Summer 2019

Fit and Fed – Riverside

Week 4 of the Fit and Fed – this vitally important scheme which will continue as after school activities when the holidays come to an end.

Loads of children experiencing sport and other related games in Riverside.

Ranu – also encouraging the youthful masses to eat some healthy nutricious food.

Big Lunch 2 – Chinatown

Bringing people together – Canoodle

Zhiwen Zhou was the executive chef who brought the culinary delights of the Orient to the Wyndham St Diner – Sharon Krause of the Believe – Credu project has been supported by the Eden Projects Big Lunch https://www.edenprojectcommunities.com/thebiglunchhomepage

SRCDC helps organisations and individuals in the local communities. SRCDC promotes people who wish to start up a business or try another career by providing the environment to allow people to test out their ideas.

Below is a gallery of the evening. A big thanks to all those sous chefs who helped Zhiwen and for the delightful company of the members of Riverside’s family who were lucky indeed to consume the wonderful food.