going forward
going forward

April 2019

Gentle Radical Residency

Wyndham St Centre is being radically reformed in preparation for the Gentle Radical Al-Mish’aal – Gentle Radical is an artist-run project – endeavouring to effect change.

Al-Mish’aal is a symbol of welcome, hospitality. It is an open invitation for communication and discourse with others.


Wyndham St Centre has long been used by the community of South Cardiff – in its present iteration, Gentle Radical will be looking at the desires and projects the community will plan together.

G/R makeover of Wyndham St

For more information on Gentle Radical see:

Help fund this space bit.ly/2V94xRj 

Improving Community Wellbeing

ACE have been successful in an application to run a Community Development Centre Pilot project.

SRCDC will be hosting a Community Connector – for the South Wales cluster.

For a clearer idea of what a Community Connector does see here.

ACE work with the local commissioning group and look to support people in accessing services, activities and groups – more on ACE here.